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With every step, with every breath

Just to achieve the dreamland in his heart.
Born in Yingge, a town with a strong literary atmosphere,
CEO Mr. Fang-Jung Chang has been intrigued since he was a child.
Determined to become a top jewelry merchant while studying.

The CEO never thought about taking any shortcuts,
Instead, he chose the path of most resistance and solid.
Starting from a metalworking apprentice, designing products,
Going to the United States to sell gems, touring international jewelry exhibitions,
Every step in the past becomes a cornerstone of business,
Until today, DLJ Diamond Group has become Taiwan's leading one-stop OEM & ODM jewelry manufacturer.

We don’t just want to stand on the shoulders of giants: we want to be giants.

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Sustainable management based on each person.

The founder Mr. Fang-Jung Chang always said: " DLJ is a people-oriented company." Treat employees with kindness and treat customers with sincerity.

Many co-woker have been working here for two decades. We treat employees as friends and family. The CEO builds a jewelry company based on the concept of sustainability. The ambitious goal requires correct decision-making, the weekly meetings and hands-on style of leadership.

Let Taiwan become a world-renowned exporter of fine jewelry.

The CEO who has been in the industry for 30 years, he saw the scarcity of talents in the goldsmith field, and he decided to contribute to Taiwan's fine jewelry craftsmanship education. It took a lot of time to improve and work together the industry, the government and academia. Even the company's experienced Master craftsperson enter the school to teach jewelry metalworking, let the students to learn the skill, invite industry professionals to hold seminars to uncover the mystery of metalworking, and everything is done to help the future of Taiwan's jewelry metalworking industry create a better way out.

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