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It was destined to be extraordinary from the beginning.

Dong Long Ju Diamond Group (DLJ) was established in 1993, back then it was a humble loose gemstone trading company. The founder Mr. Fang-Jung Chang traveled through the streets of the United States and Taiwan to sell gems. At that time, he saw the challenges of Taiwanese jewelry companies. Some only sell stones but do not produce jewelry. Some company only have technology but no professionals to purchase stones. Only by possessing the technique of purchasing, production, design, and manufacturing at the same time can we master the greatest resources of the jewelry industry. There for 30 years ago, in Yingge, a small town full of literary and artistic atmosphere, the CEO Mr. Fang-Jung Chang established his team and became the first one-stop OEM & ODM jewelry company in Taiwan.

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If you want to win the chips at the poker table, you have to collect a good deck of cards.

With a one-stop production workshop and resource, every piece of work we produce never depends on others, from the procurement of gemstones to the production, our products are made with strict quality control to ensure that each piece you receive is the highest standard.

The Purchasing Department, Commodity Department, Sales Department and Marketing Department are all specialists with international certificates. They have a keen eye to select top gems, strict quality control and professional sales staff. In every department, there are experienced seniors. Not only that, but we also have a team of designers that inspire all kinds of sparks, from delicate jewelry design, chain sets, and collectible high-end jewelry.

Not long ago, DLJ's design jewelry won the International Jewelry Design and Craftsmanship Competition” Tian Gong Jing Zhi” Best Humanistic Artistic Concept Award. In addition, the goldsmith masters are trained by the CEO Mr. Fang-Jung Chang are all seniors in the industry, and their steadfast focus has forged immortal masterpieces.

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DLJ The ultimate craftsmanship, dazzling and luxurious.

After the 2008 financial crisis and the new crown pneumonia, Dong Long Ju(DLJ) never lose our faith. A wonderful product speaks for itself.

We have made royal crowns, all kinds of hot-selling light jewelry, international brands, VIP customized fancy color diamond bracelets and participated in all kinds of international jewelry exhibitions. We have our footprints from the United States, Russia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

As the saying goes: “Love of beauty is taste. It Is a lifetime pursuit of nature.” The significance of the existence of the DLJ Diamond Group is to achieve the brilliance in your hands.

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