About Us

DLJ established our business in 1993. Over the years, DLJ has developed an extensive range of one-stop manufacturing from delicate jewel to luxury jewelry. We work with numerous international brands and help them to make their designs into reality by providing an excellent technical solution. DLJ Dong Long Ju Diamond Group commit to excellence in developing a quality system, both in term of design and manufacturing high-quality products, to meet all customer requirements.


  • To manufacture your products.
  • To manufacture based on your specifications and requirements.
  • We produce your products based on your budget.

DLJ Unique design

  • Weekly update for new products.
  • Providing unique products for our customers and to avoid the same items in the market.
  • Creating our own market, eliminate the competitors in the market.
  • To design the products based on customer’s demands.


  • We will achieve your market ideas.
  • We have nearly 30 years of jewelry manufacturing experiences and specific professional techniques.
  • We provide efficient services to the procedure.