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DLJ Profile
DLJ Dong Long Ju Diamond Group – The pursuit of excellence.

DLJ established our business in 1993. Over the years, DLJ has developed an extensive range of manufacturing from delicate jewel to luxury jewelry, we work with numerous international brands and help them to make their designs into reality by providing an excellent technical solution. DLJ Dong Long Ju Diamond Group commit to excellence in developing a quality system, both in term of design and manufacturing high-quality products, to meet all customer requirements.
The word “Dong Long Ju” originated from the golden dragon of ancient China. The dragon protects the dragon ball for over millions of year and cherishes the ball. We adopted the meaning of cherishing and past on generations, and it became our company’s philosophy -“The insistence to the best.” Our customers who love and enjoy our jewelry are with the same character – “The insistence to the best.” and that also addresses the founder’s expectations and core value.
DLJ Dong Long Ju Diamond Group is a Taiwan based company, under the founder’s leadership, our business expands, and customers are from 28 countries all over the world. The substantial OEM experiences accumulated and gradually DLJ became the most significant jewelry manufacture company in Taiwan. With nearly 30 years of experiences in jewelry designs, developments, and manufactures, we are very confident about the requirement to each working process. In the aspect of classifying the gemstones and the techniques to the goldsmith, we set high criteria for ourselves. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Design Dept.

The designers are coming from various countries to cope with international market demands. We also cultivate the local designers to have a global point of view.
The concept of the new product development→Developing meeting → Hand drawing script→ 3D manufacturing

3D Dept.

R&D meeting→confirmation to the structure (goldsmith)→ confirmation to the drawing script (designer)→CAD drawings→ output in resin

Manufacturing Dept.

Pattern and Mold making→ Casting → The quality control for the finished products of color testing→ Polishing→Stone setting→Plating→ Quality control for finished products-> Warehouse